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How does it work?

Buy your PaperKlix signage holders

The PaperKlix signage holders are transparent edge to edge, offering maximum visibility for messaging and branding. PaperKlix comes in a box with 10 signage holders.

Personalize your PaperKlix templates online

Choose from over 60 templates for offices, meeting rooms, pictograms and even COVID-19 signage. Add your logo, set your company colour and optionally add custom text.

Print, fold and insert in your PaperKlix signage holder

Mount your PaperKlix signage holder, screw and plug are included. Print your template on an A4 sheet of paper, fold to A5, insert in the signage holder and you're done!

Buy your PaperKlix signage holders


€199 €199 per box of 10 holders

Free shipping within the Benelux & VAT included
Every box contains 10 A5 Paperklix signage holders with corresponding plugs and screws.
Key features
  • Outer dimensions: 212 x 151 x 12 mm
  • Fits A5 size (folded A4)
  • Material: Transparent polycarbonate
  • System: Hinged click to open/close
  • Orientation: Portrait
  • Included per box: 10x plug, 10x screw
  • Free acces to more than 60 customizable signage templates.
For orders above 10 boxes or outside the EU, please contact our live chat or email us.

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